Downloadable Papers - General

Jeffrey Goldstein and Uri Merry, (2003), “The Implications of Complexity,” In D. Kiel (Ed.), "Knowledge Management," EOLSS (Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems), UNESCO. (2003). pdf

Emergence: Complexity and Organization (E:CO) - First Special Issue on Social Entrepreneruship and Complexity (2009).

  1. Editorial Introduction & Table of Contents of pdf
  2. Goldstein, Hazy & Silberstang, (2009) Complexity and Soicial Entrepreneruship: Fortunous Meeting pdf

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Helpful Links Online:

Mathematical and Scientific Roots of Complexity Science by Jeffrey Goldstein at:

A Nonlinear Dynamics and Complexity Glossary by Jeff Goldstein at:

Link to very helpful tutorials, including ppt and related materials, on nds and complexity:

Link to paper on complexity and philosophy:
Jeffrey Goldstein, "Causality and Emergence in Chaos and Complexity Theories," In W. Sulis and A. Combs (Eds.), Nonlinear Dynamics in Human Behavior (Studies of Nonlinear Phenomena in Life Sciences   Volume 5), pp. 161 190,  Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 1996